Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Palm Tree

Can I join you by this palm tree
Can I rest a little while
You see my childhoods got the best of me
And I did just have a little cry

Can you listen to me talk
And can you understand my fear
Can I just lean on your shoulder forever
Your breath so very near

And then when you finished listening
Can I cry a while in your arms
Can I just release this agony
And gaze up at the lazy palm

And then can you understand
I cannot tell you all
For the fear would just get the better of me
And the horror just make you fall

I am a little girl injured
Though you cannot see its me
I just lost my childhood forever
My soul is this palm tree

Monday, November 03, 2008

Deep Love

What happens when you are deeply in love?
Inspired by Fall in Kentucky

And there they stand, next to the gate
In full glory, only love not hate
Trees of yellow and one bright red
One so small; one gloriful; sun fed

And these trees so different, the colour to see
Can we compare these trees; to you and me
And there they stand, next to the road
The sky bright blue; the red leaves on overload

And the trees they cannot reach, rooted to the ground
A simple feather touch, when the breeze comes around
And they are so close, unable to feel
The warmth of their breath, or a kiss to seal.

The yellow one tall, the red one short
Protecting each other; when they are overwrought
And when the snow comes, and the leaves fall to the ground
The innocence is felt, bare all around.

And now they stand, near to the breeze
You see them there; standing at ease
And there they stay, an eternity in life
Protecting each other through trouble and strife.

The love of each other, sturdy and strong
Never faltering, never right or wrong
And as you walk past, their love is seen
That awe you feel, the love glory sunbeam

And we stand in the shade, forever is there
We see the trees; full sun bare
And we seal our kiss, forever apart
Because the trees cannot touch, forbidden love heart

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Swan's Trust

The swan sits, and discovers the pain
Discovered her wings are clipped, once again
And she looks back, what did I do
To deserve the wings clipped; unknown to you

And once we were together, but alone again
Wondering whatever happened; thoughts to back then
And there the swan sits, next to the sea
Feeling alone and shocked - why be me?

And what do you do, when once you were free
Your wings clipped now; unable to be me
When you look at your feathers; and feel the disgust
The swan being there, but obviously no trust

And she looks at the sky, remembering how to fly
And she looks down again; borrowed frown bye and bye
She will not ascend; she will never be free
And a silent tear drops; its just alone with me

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

He does not love me

The little girl of ten; trapped and all alone
Wanders around the house; reaching for the silent phone
The tears they start to well; not knowing what to do
The thoughts; the scares; the horror; contact daily here with you

And the tears they do trickle; she reaches to make that call
The blackened dial it sits; calling out on its fall
And she picks it up today; she takes it to her room
Looking all around; she hides; from the blackened doom.

Slowly she draws the curtain; a red letter day it is for her
And she takes a silent breath; the horror again about to stir
And then she dials the care line; and whispers it to you
The horror and the nightmare; she trapped alone and frightened too

And there in her bedroom; a little whisper here and there
And all you want to do; is cry and whisper you do care
And as she sits and tells you; the horror that is happening to her
She is alone in this world; your emotions begin to stir

Listen to what he did to me; the years of horror and pain
The little girl she cries at you; "And its all happening again"
And the tears you can see them; on the phone that day
There is nothing you can do for her; the phone is where you stay

And then silently you hear it; she is calling out to you
That little girls alone she sits; crying; whispering too
And then you see the damage; the damage this man did cause
You waiting for it; there is a silent pause

And there she sits and cries; hiding in the darkened room
Alone with you on the telephone; she loses it too soon
And there is her ache; her darkened horror vex
Her soul is crying out to you; "HE DID NOT LOVE ME; ALL HE WANTED IS JUST SEX"

And here the little girl loses it, the crying becomes too much
And you cannot live with it; you cannot hug and touch
And so you silently pray; that the girl finds her peace soon
And there you sit silently listening; to that little girl in her room

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Mulberry Tree

A distant landscape, a little girl cries
A soft tear drop, land of lullabies
And here she ventures, black hair in light
A cusped teddy bear, mulberry tree of might

She ventures tiptoeing; down the lane
A tunnel of forest, hurry back again
Her backpack, sturdy yellow of gold
The teddy bear her companion, tucked in her fold

And silently she graces, trees whisper to her
Tucked safe and sound, she touches his fur
And as she nears, that mulberry tree in the field
She walks up to it, a smile she does yield

And there she sits, beside the tree,
I cannot go back, because here is me
And she sits, there by its side
The darkness descends, sun showing its tide

And what if love were the mulberry tree
The little girl sits there, at its knee
And recounts her story, silence forever gone
She lets go of anger, lets go of scorn

A moment of peace; a moment of distant grace
A silent smile, comes to her face
And she returns to life; mulberry tree left behind
Her memory reminds her; love is a find.

Written for and inspired by Haullie Free - for the pictures of the tree.

I ran away to an area trying to escape......but had to return to the abuse... this poem recounts this time

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hells Gate

A long winding alley, oranges trees of green
I see you standing there, know what I mean
And then you peer down, does a smile come too
I know it is the start, the abuse in you

I know I remembered, the shame returns soon
And the orange tree stands there, flowers in bloom
And did it fascinate you to see, a little girl shy
Do you remember it now, a while past us by

And we share that memory, can I take it away
Smash it into pieces, mirrors cutting for today
And when all was said and done, and you turned away
Did you know that the girl would remember, years from today

I hope that you live your life, for hells where you will be
There will be your redemption, for doing this to me
And I have lived souls death, over and over in my mind
And releasing it now, my thoughts in a bind

And so you see now, the little girl still writes
Still remembers silently, those long dark lonely nights
And may you remember me, as you fly to hells ground
And a smile rises up, for this is what you found.

Friday, July 18, 2008

True love

Brings a smile
It flutters forward
Like butterfly wings
Dancing in the sun

A bubble, floating
From the sway of my shoulders
As I dance to the music
That I hear internally

An internal hug
As I see the dawn of the day
A joyous happiness
Smiles raised upwards with tears in my eyes

A change in my thoughts
A smile of surprise
Anger above and beyond
Thrilled to be alive

A red sports car
Running on full tilt
I look in the mirror
And my smile, smiles back

My face lights up
I laugh and continue on
And my wish is that
You find true love too

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love inside of me

i cannot exist, i cannot be
without your love inside of me
and i whisper now, from that place inside
i call i wonder can i hide?

and did you hear me, when i called your name
i love you deeply, within a frame
and when you were silent, did i whisper that word
Did you hear me, did it go unheard

So when I call, from my heart
And you listen; we deeply part
You have never been loved before
Close your eyes, I can give much more
So now you know, its within my mind
This love together, is my bind
And here is my hand; to clasp in grace
My heart has found its rightful place

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Short Poetry Film

A Time to Remember

I am not sure I can; read another word
Listen to the call; going unheard
And dream another thought; as I fear that call
And here I shrink; curling into a ball

The pain of those months; not knowing what to do
Not understanding the darkness; the thoughts of you
And that feeling of helplessness; praying to the lord
Oh let them be here; don’t take them onboard

And living those dark nights; feeling the fear
The sobbing and crying; I cannot be near
And the aching inside, what do I do
The thousand teardrops; just for you

What will I say; when I get the call
What do I do; will I let you fall
And as I dream; begging someone there
Just telling you over and over; I just do care

And the agony of waiting; making that call
The anger that rises; the anger that falls
And making of lists and repeating them too
Of why I want you here; the life is in you

Of sending you notes and making this speech
Of worrying to death; of making me reach
Those dark filled nights; jumped at the phone
If only I knew; I had guessed by the tone

And I knew just when; I knew I was late
I figured it out; just feeling that hate
The anger; uncontrollable; the scare at my door
The tumbling of agony; falling to the floor

And when someone comes to you; their life in your hand
It is hard to comprehend; it is hard to understand
The call that I made; can I continue on
Giving them advice; feeling so gone

And then later they say thank you; the pain I went through
Remembering back; the fright that I knew
Of not knowing; of feeling lost; so unaware
The darkness seeps within me; the feeling of care

And what keeps you going; what remains there that day
Of thinking back; being too and fray
That feeling of togetherness; the loss so unreal
Of not having you here; the loss I can feel

I see you there now; standing aloft
The time that is passed; crying so soft
I remember back then; the fear rises so fast
I hope this time of quiet; does but last

So I take a deep breath; the feeling has past
The scare that I knew; hoping you would last
And the growth that it gave me; I am different I know
A year has past now; we feel calmness and grow

August 11 2007 5.07am

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Do Dragons Breathe Fire?

And here it is; fire in its breath
The venom coming out; that sudden death
A pointy tail; that dimwitted sound
Sharp claws; hidden all around

One look; and it frightens away
It's fire breath; coming into prey
The curled tail; spikey thorns of hate
The fire it breaths; running you late

But yet today; lets just stand back
Its only a picture; your thoughts overlap
And what if it were nothing; would it go away
I think it would; suddenly as today

And so lets change it; lets turn it around
Lets find a picture; a cartoon frown
Its blowing smoke; its saying stupid words
It is nothing; its overturned

Wobbly eyes it has; no breath in its wings
The colour is dulled; it does not sing
A hair of mess; was that picture of hate
It was overwrought; and scaring me of late

So here in this poem; its taken to know
Now whats left; is a cartoon show
Its only an image; that dragon tail
I see it now; its lost and frail

For you see; the images are the same
Its only me; seeing its game
And side by side; the images are there
And I push it aside; without a care

Firey Dragon

Lets ask around; the village is bad
It is terrorised; the dragon mad
It walks in; the villagers run
And scurry around; lifes not fun

You dont know the dragon; the village is lost
The dragon breathes fire; at all cost
It is overwrought; making the villagers hate
Its tearing down houses; it is singing irate

The villagers stand around; what do we do
They talk of the monster; I talk too
They ask the village over; protected and fine
What did you do; they give you a line

So you wait and wonder; nothing is done
The village is nearly lost; roofs are undone
So you take your sword; not knowing what to do
And you stand up; pointy sword for two

And the villages they watch; stand back amazed
They could not do that; they look in a daze
But here is the village; you say with your heart
We have to protect it; just a start

And here the village learnt; you cannot hide away
Protect the village; we are here to stay
And here is our sword; our words filled with power
It is our time; finally our finest hour

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Souls do Speak; What art does

And what did I learn; what did I see
Arts taken a year; inside of me
A false start; not knowing what to do
Within my heart; still thoughts for two

Arts made with anger, its made with fear
Its made with love; wishing so near
A heart is hidden; a thought is there
Its still not over; wishing I was there

The purple haze; background of white
A dash of black; lost my mind with fright
Hidden messages abound; within its walls
And here Art is; my tears being to fall

And look within; the pieces I chose
The last two sit here; within it knows
A five ringed circus; worry me late
Will you guess it; will you hate

And today; as I had a thought
Did it make me wonder; feel overwrought
I have basically figured; you feel the same
And here we both play; that hiding game

So as you look; within this heart
There is a message; filled with art
The last piece I did; begin to set
Can I ask; can I get?

So stand back; and be amazed
For within the art; messages ablaze
And as you see it; your eyes do seek
Within this piece; souls do speak

Monday, June 02, 2008

A love heart in my soul

And deep down where the wind blows
And silent raindrops fall and goes
Within my soul; I paint a scene
I draw so silently; what does it mean

And here where it is safe and warm
And above the clouds; swing and swarm
And the palms; safe inside
Is a place where; we can hide

The oceans beat, a smile so fine
I greet you here; that hidden line
And the sands grain; I feel so deep
And here we are; forever to keep

And now; and your eyes begin to close
And I see; a whisper; silently to your toes
And look around; you will see it there
A love heart in my soul; to care

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Wall of Silence

There is a stare; over that wall
The silence broken; life begins to fall
A memory here; a thought just right
I remember it now; such a fright

And the years of silence; the years to forget
The years of denial; living regret
A family that lives; a life with that pain
And they sit there in silence; forever refrain

And how do they look; over that Christmas dinner tonight
Knowing a father; gave them such fright
And they sit there in silence; not saying a word
They sit there; like it was never heard

And pass me a plate; your dinner tonight
And lets all forget; you grew up in fright
And here is the peas; and here is your word
Lets all forget it; go on undisturbed

And so it is forgotten; the pain too hard to bare
That sitting across from you; a monster so fair
Silently sitting; awaiting his next prey
And it is all forgotten; the wall of silence this day

Friday, May 16, 2008

Marked My Soul

I saw an image; a few moments a go
My soul was marked; forever I know
The humilation; the fear; the agony; the pain
I will never be able to tell; I refrain

It cannot pass my lips tonight
I will live forever, in this horror and fright
It will haunt me throughout my days
What he watched; I hid it; 30 yrs to craze

He looked, fences high; garrett to the gate
The anger the fear the rising hate
And when he should have yelled and screamed
What he saw, horror nightmare dreams

And so tonight, when you read this poem
Know my soul is marked; for it is unknown
Buried deep you see; I cannot deal with the pain
You cannot see it now; inside it will remain

Monday, April 21, 2008


Corner of the room; that little white room
Stands a little girl; holding a balloon
She has a tear; she wears it well
She is silent; she cannot tell

Sssh, listen; her quiet cry
I cannot understand; I bend down and try
The tears they drip; and fall down well
I listen closely; I cannot tell

And in a whisper; I hold her palm
Trying to keep her; still and calm
She whispers silently; he made me cry
He violated me; he did but try

And then I knew; what I had to do
I pulled out my pocket; and said just for you
A bag of balloons; as I held them there
Here it is; showing you I care

And there she stood; silently in a daze
As surrounded by her; in a haze
A parade of balloons; all by her side
She no longer was silent; no longer had to hide.

Thursday, March 20, 2008



What do I do
I am alone
He is in the hallway
I can hear his steps
Is that the door
It cant be
Oh no what do i do
Where can I go
There is the bed
I must hide
What will happen if he comes in
Where can i go
what am i doing here
Please dont let him find me
I cannot handle it if he finds me
Why do I have to live with this
What cruel god is there
I cannot see past my bed
Is that him coming in
Is that his footsteps
Please let them go the other way
I must be quiet
I must get under the bed better
I must be silent

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

After the Storm

And five minutes ago, what did i see
Did I see those images, locked within me
And can I remember; can I forget
Am I getting prepared; I cannot remember yet

And my thoughts are lost; my fright real
I spent another moment; I cannot feel
And years later now; the memories still there
Why did he just not leave me alone; did he not care?

And today; another time lost to this
Another day unsupported; something amiss
And now as I calm down; and remember this storm
I say to myself; tommorow is yet a new dawn

Some days I cannot live with this......

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My last thought

Alone in that room, and moments before
I was happy and contented; I knew the score
And how did you know; what was that fear
When this horror visited me; life not so near

Living this life is so distant; watching near me
My eye of a child; life not to be
The feel of the carpet; an innocent time
Being prepared for secretly; his thoughts of a crime

A turn of a dice; the notice of the game
I cannot understand; I cannot name
And who I was gone; and who will be here
That breath so disgusting; smelling and so near

And years later I recall; questioned so still
My heart is open; my thoughts are my will
I remember back; trying to get my last word
My last thought being normal; being overheard

And in those seconds before; lost to this world
What did I remember; my thoughts so unfurled
For my last thoughts as a person; my distant memory be
I remember how I thought; he must have loved me