Thursday, March 20, 2008



What do I do
I am alone
He is in the hallway
I can hear his steps
Is that the door
It cant be
Oh no what do i do
Where can I go
There is the bed
I must hide
What will happen if he comes in
Where can i go
what am i doing here
Please dont let him find me
I cannot handle it if he finds me
Why do I have to live with this
What cruel god is there
I cannot see past my bed
Is that him coming in
Is that his footsteps
Please let them go the other way
I must be quiet
I must get under the bed better
I must be silent

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

After the Storm

And five minutes ago, what did i see
Did I see those images, locked within me
And can I remember; can I forget
Am I getting prepared; I cannot remember yet

And my thoughts are lost; my fright real
I spent another moment; I cannot feel
And years later now; the memories still there
Why did he just not leave me alone; did he not care?

And today; another time lost to this
Another day unsupported; something amiss
And now as I calm down; and remember this storm
I say to myself; tommorow is yet a new dawn

Some days I cannot live with this......