Saturday, December 01, 2007

The memories they pass

And there she sat; distant and sad
A hunched person; the life she had
A tear drops; she covers it still
Sitting alone; memories fight her will

Years of pain; years of thought
Hurt her through; something so fraught
And alone she sits; surrounded by pain
The people they look; nothing to gain

The room so filled; talk is loud
Do they notice now; sitting in a crowd
That lady who sits; discovering her past
Is filled with horror; pain meant to last

And what would they do; hear her thought
Of agony; of crying; of pain; purely overwrought
Would they notice; the change on her face
The memories inflict her; mind about to brace

The years of panic; the years of thoughts
The years of planning; the years so taught
The years of hate; the years of hurt
The years of fear; the years of dirt

And then as you look; she drifts away
She continues on; no more thoughts today
That hour gone; now lost in the fray
The memories they pass; locked swiftly away

And hidden away; in many souls to keep
The burden of life; that runs so deep
A memory so lost; driven away
She is in a crowd; like many that day