Friday, December 23, 2011

My path

Piano beat
Long words
Lost in the beat
Symbols appearing
Meaning everything
And nothing
Another breath
Where was I
It is now a memory
Houses from the past
Streets make my life
Memories thread all over me
Shaking shoulders
Not forgotten
With me forever
The beat changes
Not my fault
Left behind
Move on
Passing memories
Moving forward
No changing
Time taken

What would you think

And if you were in the room
Giving birth to the world
And you could hear a piano
People demanding
But your job was to
Bear humanity
And you thoughts go
Through the earth and
Pass onto your children
What would you think
Would you think

Love Haiku

The winter is gone
Bright sun smothers the sky blue
Love is found today

Friday, December 02, 2011

Left to..

The beat thumps
I remember back
A tear drops
An umbrella slides
I run to the street
I see everyone
And everything
Crying and anger
The guitar strum
A generation in my net
My leg bounces
In anticipation
As I remember
What this song
And there is no fright
There is just
Listening to the song
That I nearly
Left to......

Inspired by Bob Sinclair - Soul Generation

Sunday, November 20, 2011

There they are

Just when you are feeling down
Like nothing in this world
Will care
No one to cry to
No one to be there
And you cry to a god
That does not exist
Where just where
Send me someone
Please just someone to care
And your tears
Drop unknown
By your side

And then when you just
Need something
A change
A simple change
Knowing that nothing can
Make you feel
You walk in
And there sitting beside you
Is just a familiar face
A familar smile
Just a tad older
Someone to count on
Who you trust and understand
And you know them
Though you just met
And there is that feeling
You were just missing
Knowing that it is ok to
Because they do

14th November 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A friend

She screams at you every night
And cuddles you every day
And cries beneath the sheets
In some fantastic way

And she makes you go here and there
And she flits without such a care
And she runs around full steam ahead
And throws around that brown little bear

And she sits and stares at little white balloon
And cries and howls at the full moon
And loves you with all delight
And then hates you with such sudden fright

And then finally after so many years
Of being forgotten through so many tears
You get reminded every now and again
You only need to look inside to find a lovely friend

Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Little Pumpkin Vine

I always wished I had a pumpkin vine
And then I grew one within my spine
Tending nicely, eating slow
Running to and running fro

And there she was, all lovely and fine
A little plant, I knew she was mine
Was there something wrong, the gardener said
I cried a bit, but everything was fed

And as I watched, that pumpkin grow
Oh how I loved this plant and so
A little bit, every day
A little sprout, a leaf I say

It sits there; turns away to the sun
A little bit each day and has some fun
I water it every now and again
And give some fertiliser and when

And I teach it to love to hear me sing
And I take it under my loving wing
And then every now and again it smiles
That little pumpkin vine; worthwhiles

And then that pumpkin vine falls asleep
I cover it at night in a sheet
That pumpkin vine, so high and low
My pumpkin vine, how I love you so

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


A bird flying,

Its wings soaring through the sky,

Love floats in the air, no; I’m not lying.

It travels over mountains, water, trees, and cities.

This white dove is as peaceful as can be,

A very pretty bird- as the little girls think,

I love this dove, my heart sinks when I see it.

This dove, is my mother.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the bridge

Hold my hand on the island
Fill the ocean on its shores
Watch the seashells in the moonlight
See the sand as it pours

Sit by the berm in the daylight
Rest my head for a while
Not understanding what is happening
Silence is the best as we file

The bridge is a bit weary
The forest black from fires beware
Something swift hit the island softly
Turned our backs of something with care

Heaven is not always perfect
Hell can always slowly seep in
For you see you will never recognise
What has really ever happened with a sin

And have you ever wondered
Really what is that little bridge
That keeps us hanging together
Hiding there over that ridge

It keeps the ocean at bay
Sturdy however that may be
I close the door on it every now and again
And cry and cry at it every day

And I only just really recognised what it was
As I swiftly wrote out this little note
For the bridge is our love
Slowly joining us, over the moat.

And the little crystal I place in the middle
Is a reminder there to you
You are not alone on your island
Your island is now made for two

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not yet.

I once knew a little girl
Who sat by the door
Writing letters
Calling, visiting
Seeing if she could find
A pure heart.
For she thought none existed
A tear drops
As she writes, day after day
Telling why
Telling how
Hearing birds and angels
It does not exist
Praying that it does
Seeking one after the other
A slow tweet, a soul here and there
To be found.... but alas
It was not to be
A number tell her
Be careful
Her thoughts say could be
She returns to searching
Writing, wondering
Being turned away
Being told no
Not possible
Grown up with a black heart
Does it exist
She keeps seeking
That little girl
Tries again
In vain
For there must be someone out there
That will
Not do this
All over again

From the mouth of a child

A little white room
On the edge
Of a world, vast
And within the room
Stands a little girl
With pig tails, tied in blue
Dressed in a little white dress
With neat little white shoes
And she is asked
"What will you fill this room with"
And she lifts her eyelids heaven wards
A slow tear drop falls
Her gaze slips slowly to the ground
She circles her foot on the floor
Staring out the window
Through the night
To a tree
In the distance
And then slowly she realises
It's the basic thought
That everyone wants

And as the tear slowly melts to the ground

"I fill this room with love"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not that hard to find

Things are fully strange and weird
And everythings not there quite right
They are all there left of centre
Displayed and quite full of fright

And it just seems like a full on nightmare
Searching through rooms and rooms
Looking for no one that is there
Not finding you through all the doom

And someone is following me around
Its called a thought of screaming denial
All dressed up in pretty flowing ribbons
Calling out through love and running fruit trials

And houses are there out of whack
And animals not joined together quite full steam ahead
And outside thoughts toss over in my mind
And everything is very wrong instead

And everybody sits there and waits
While the denial just sorts through my mind
For the truth is always out there
Its really not that hard to find.

Monday, June 13, 2011

When the World Would Prefer Silence

Submitted by Casey - a survivor

She speaks when the world

Would prefer silence

Words stumble

Over her tongue, teeth, lips


Tears act as barriers

To both her speech and hearing

The world avoids emotions

Glares given because

she is the breaking

the cyclic silence

Generations old

do not help her pain

Sad eyes connecting to mouths

From which weighty “I’m sorry”s escape

Harming more than helping her

Eternally unable to take away

Or nullify

The violations of his hands

Unwanted, and wandering

the frozen body

Of a woman unsure of why

Her friend is betraying her

As her tears stream

And she whimpers in pain

A hand covers her mouth

From which noise escapes

The kisses neither he nor she

cared about end

As has his imminent touching ensues

He lowers her garments swiftly

And forces his entrance through

Her private gates

Deeply his hands penetrate

Carving swelling paths

To deeper pain

She is the victim of subterfuge

Lies awake

Her body is sleeping in shock

She manages to whisper “stop” into

The hand arresting her mouth

The perpetrator holds down her wrists

And presses himself hard on

Her weak and quiet body

As he speaks the words

“You’re okay”

Like the crimes committed

Were not meant “that way”

Silence overcomes

The pained whisperer

The subterfugist pins her down

And tears fall towards the ground

Silence is overcoming

As the dominant man heaves breaths

On the forced sub-missive’s face

The broken woman feign’s sleep

And the breaker moves away

It is the beginning of a second day

Of which the first never ended

And now pain overrides her

And she cannot speak

Of the atrocities he committed

which harmed her

For hours or more

After the havoc wreaking

Monster disappeared

From her bedroom floor

When the silence is broken

By a stuttering text

To a friend

Tears flowed again

Sent to somewhere safe to be

A place where words could escape

Without fear of increased

Induced pain

The silence is breaking

With each word escaping

Stumbling over her tongue, teeth, lips

And Memories of horrible


She speaks when the world

Would prefer she kept silent

Regretting the whispers

Of “This happened to me”

And wishing her heart could believe

Her mind as it screams

“What happened to me was not my fault”

“What happened to me was not my fault”

“What happened to me was not my fault”

.(Thanks to StaceyAnn Chin for inspiration in the last lines).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ice Tear Drop

She sits alone near the lake

Once happy here

The seasons change

And it is surrounded

By dead trees

And frosted nights

She revisited

In hopes, that the

Lake had unfrozen

That the waters shone again

But all that was left

Was her tear drop

Sliding across the ice.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Deep breath

Time taken to write a story
Words carefully spoken outloud
Hidden silent within times spaces
A hidden frown, a nightmare finally said so proud

One key typed after another
Depicting a horror nightmare to unfold
Something that was to be visited
In nightmares, in visions, in turmoil, untold

Alone, frightened and suddenly fearful
This is not supposed to happen; especially to me
The sickening memory to stay with us
Shared silently; here let it be

And really there is nothing that can be done,
Apart from share it hear amongst friends
Describe the horror so eloquently
A silent tear drop, the weight carried as it ends.

Friday, May 13, 2011


In those million grains of sand

I wonder if you still think about me
As I sit here and listen to our song
The one you did not know was ours
Staring at numbers on a lonely street
Sitting across from a cafe that you
Will never see
Embarking in something
You will never know about

Did I really scare you that much?
That you could not call out my name
That you would rather run
Than cross this road with me

There is truth
There is such a thing as love
May you find your cloud
And may you find your crystal
Within those million grains of sand

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Girl with flower
The park
Green fields of grass
To the tower
Of stairs
Looking up
The tall building
In the clouds
Step by step
She climbs
Around and around
Taking your hand
"Here it is"
She says
To you
And as you look in wonder
You turn
as you both reach the top
Surrounded in wonder
And she reaches out
And gives you a flower
Hand in hand
Gazing out
Over the river
Joined by the crisscross
Of dna and a hug

Little Girl Running

Running silently from the classroom
Little girl crying with sudden tears
A quiet little sentence
In amongst the bullies fears

He passed it to me slowly
I was a little blonde girl all of eight
Swinging on my chair in the teachers room
As she did the sums and spellings all of late

And he looked at me so solemnly
The quiet boy in the room
I had been watching him for a while
But really had not noticed him so soon

And in this little note was how
He was living here of late
Of how this person was visiting him
And doing things of horror and hate

And as I read and read
Of what this note contained
I realised why this boy was silent
The horror deeply ingrained

And swinging back on my chair
More horror yet to come
A slow tear began to trickle
And I got up from my seat and began to run

The other side of the playground
And there I began to shake and cry
The sheer horror the boy had gone through
The silence was all he could but try

And there is nothing I can really tell you
Apart from I went home from school early that day
And in the night time darkness,
My little teddy bear comforted me all the way

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Black Room

Door closed
Wooden footsteps
Heaven knows
Pick a petal
Solid wall
Scary noise
Feeling small
And then she comes
Little girls
Seeing summer
Forever whirls
Spinning constantly
Seeing ghosts
Picks a posy
Knocking posts
She asks you questions
Makes you mad
Pokes her tongue
You are sad
You move about
And get so lost
Wondering why
Hidden moss
Room is dark
Fans awhirl
She picks flowers
Pretty swirl
In the floor
Plants them slowly
Forever more
And pats them down
Sings a tune
To the moon
Dancing slowly
Darkness light
Taking care
Hidden delight
And you realise
The hidden goal
You are both
Within his soul

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Alone she waits
A soft wind blows
She takes out her
Yellow flower
And blows kisses
As the petals
Float to the wind
Softly drifting
Over the waves
She knows
You are there
She waits
For she knows
A prayer
That you made
Will be remembered

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Silence in my tears

In the house
With a monster
Living every day
Lost and alone
Curtains blue
Home to soon
Dashes, hides
More curtains
Abuse everywhere
No feelings
Crying but cannot cry
For what if he hears
Footsteps down
The hall
Don't stop
Don't come in
Please, please
Don't come in
The continuing forward
Praying for someone
To take you away
Some handsome prince
They fade
There is no one there
Just silence in my tears