Monday, December 10, 2012

My Seven Year Diary

A poem cataloguing the journey that is Whitedoves Nest.

She stands in purple
Risk it all
Try your local library
For these books
Walked up to the
My childhood memories
The right touch
"Free Shipping"
While no one was watching
There is a whisper in heaven
She was busy looking
At the floor and the money
Journals; blue clouds
I watch and talk to him
My Children
And as I whisper
About this site
A few things
We thank you for the many hours
Of support and talk
A small room
You walk in -- Inspired

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How to change

The lady in purple
Walked up to the
Telephone booth
And stepped in
There was a line
Waiting, getting impatient
In the hot weather
She closed the door
Taking refuge inside
Watching the
Dried chewing gum
Cake up the slot
Where her money
Was to go
She noticed a penny
On the floor
She turned to leave
But stopped
As the telephone rang

She heard it
Calling her in the background
She was busy looking
At the floor and the money
People outside waiting

She leaned over
And chose the change

Leaving the phone call
To the next in line.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Never a Smile

There in the distance
I see a tree
Here close up you
Remember the swing
I cry for I will never have
A father to be there
To see the delight
In my smile.