Monday, November 26, 2012

"Free shipping"

"Free shipping"
Said the package
I opened it up
And saw it
And started to cry
It was my
Heart in pieces
Sewn together
With package string

Safe Willow

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

In Inverted Commas

He told me to leave it
And I took it out on him
"What nonsense was this"
I thought quietly
I told others
"That guy told me to leave it"
And it did not make sense
So I left
And then understood
And now I thank him
For telling me to leave

The Cross

I saw a note today
In the middle
Of the road
It was not a simple note
It was a cross
Like one you put
In your Aunty's birthday card
A faux I love you
But this was no
I love you
This was a cross to
Remind me
Of the terror
Of the forgotten things
And how love
Can go horribly wrong
This was where
I was abused
And they marked it
With a cross.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your love song

A little girl lays alone
Near the sidewalk
Dirt on her face
She smiles at the passerby's
There is no tears
There is no anger
Just a smile
She turns on the radio beside her
Her only possession
And realises
It is playing her song
And she turns it up
And revels in -- her love.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blood Rain

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My childhood memories

My childhood memories

Silent bird calls
Creaking houses
Noises from corners
She sits
On her notepad
Whirring of the fridge
Noises, coughs, beeps
From out the back
    She pauses to hear
    A door closing
    Down the hall
    Walking forward
    Not scary
    Hiding looking
    For hiding spots
The fridge makes a noise
The birds stop
Birds flying outside
Sunlight drifts in
A deep breath
Difficult day
Eyes glinting
In the morning
    Hidden she is
    From his glare
    He cannot see her
    Under the bed
    She sits there listening
    Waiting for the footsteps
    To wander on down the hall
Creaking of the walls
Humming of the fridge
Tv off
Light across the wire
    It continues past the door
    Into the kitchen
    Where there is no noise
    I wait
    Wait scared surreal
    Springs under the mattress
    Gazing outside
    Seeing no escape
    Hoping for escape
    Nothing there
    No one there
    But him
Dogs barking
In the distance
As I remember
Sitting here
My childhood memories

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

John Cage 4'33

Thinking outside the box.

Cannot remember

You sat there
Seeing it happen
Before your eyes
In your mind

Amazement at the
Loss of memory
Where I was
Upset at the place

You saw it in your mind
A locked closet
You turn to
Face the mystery

And by the orchard
You explain
Why you
Cannot remember