Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the bridge

Hold my hand on the island
Fill the ocean on its shores
Watch the seashells in the moonlight
See the sand as it pours

Sit by the berm in the daylight
Rest my head for a while
Not understanding what is happening
Silence is the best as we file

The bridge is a bit weary
The forest black from fires beware
Something swift hit the island softly
Turned our backs of something with care

Heaven is not always perfect
Hell can always slowly seep in
For you see you will never recognise
What has really ever happened with a sin

And have you ever wondered
Really what is that little bridge
That keeps us hanging together
Hiding there over that ridge

It keeps the ocean at bay
Sturdy however that may be
I close the door on it every now and again
And cry and cry at it every day

And I only just really recognised what it was
As I swiftly wrote out this little note
For the bridge is our love
Slowly joining us, over the moat.

And the little crystal I place in the middle
Is a reminder there to you
You are not alone on your island
Your island is now made for two

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not yet.

I once knew a little girl
Who sat by the door
Writing letters
Calling, visiting
Seeing if she could find
A pure heart.
For she thought none existed
A tear drops
As she writes, day after day
Telling why
Telling how
Hearing birds and angels
It does not exist
Praying that it does
Seeking one after the other
A slow tweet, a soul here and there
To be found.... but alas
It was not to be
A number tell her
Be careful
Her thoughts say
But...it could be
She returns to searching
Writing, wondering
Being turned away
Being told no
Not possible
Grown up with a black heart
Does it exist
She keeps seeking
That little girl
Tries again
In vain
For there must be someone out there
That will
Not do this
All over again

From the mouth of a child

A little white room
On the edge
Of a world, vast
And within the room
Stands a little girl
With pig tails, tied in blue
Dressed in a little white dress
With neat little white shoes
And she is asked
"What will you fill this room with"
And she lifts her eyelids heaven wards
A slow tear drop falls
Her gaze slips slowly to the ground
She circles her foot on the floor
Staring out the window
Through the night
To a tree
In the distance
And then slowly she realises
It's the basic thought
That everyone wants

And as the tear slowly melts to the ground

"I fill this room with love"