Saturday, August 29, 2009

Knock on the devils door

Stand up for what you believe in.

The devil took my soul
And planted it with delight
And covered it with sawdust
And labelled it with fright

With just a dash of horror
He spreads his pepper sauce
And then he booby traps it
Setting fire to it of course

And then he hides it away
The back of hell it belongs
It wanders round for centuries
Waiting for the very strong

And what if you want to recover
When the devil has your soul
Just what would you do
To get you out of this deep dark hole

For here is what I have done,
For here I share my tale
Of trying to get my soul back
Of keeping going, and not letting me fail

You walk up that solid pathway
And knock on the devils door
He will be quite surprised
For he has not had a visitor for such a score

He will try all his tricks
His denials and his lies of woe
He will bring all the brimstone
The fire of long beneath, heavens know

And others will gather around him
Tell of a devil indeed
Tender to his garden
Making you feel lost; very indeed

And he will ask you what he did
I did not do that - he will say
There is no way I could have done it
A soft and sickly voice; "go on your way!!!"

"This other person is not complaining"
The devil there says to you
And there his companions reach
And say hey "what is wrong with you?"

You are not still on that question??
His servants will scream loud
Until you are really confused
And lost in the nightmare created proud

And as the devil turns around
And thinks he has won his way
There is one thing he has forgotten
One thing he has missed here today

For while he was screaming and denying
Gathering companions there to reach
You had uncovered something
Sawdust and cobwebs, there to teach

And there as you see it,
As the devil turns away
It is there shiny and new,
Looking wonderful, brushed today

Your confidence, your self esteem
Your smile is here stay
For the devil has forgotten
You were only here to recover your soul, today

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Merry go rounds in the sky

A little girl rides on the merry go round
In the sky above the restaurant
On the long narrow streets
Looking like Naples in the spring

The chairs standing outside
On a day made for kings
She steps up the ladder
And quietly takes a seat
On the older chairs outside

And the merry go round starts
With all but silence
The little girl hanging on
As the merry go round
Whizzes above the houses

And the chain breaks
But she does not have a care
She falls down gently
To your smiling face
And turns up to you and says

Can we stay on the merry go round
For eternity?I want to be safe always

And she knows by his smile
That she did not really need to ask
For the merry go round
Was life.