Monday, May 29, 2006



There was a whisper in heaven
When we met those months ago
The whisper spread across the land
So that others could finally know

The whisper slowly drifted through
The distance and the years
It filled my loneliness in this world
It covered my fear and tears

A simple word, a timeless note
Waiting patiently for a reply
And all just so I would know
That you were there standing by

I do not know who to thank
When I heard the whisper cried
All I know is not to question
That you will be by my side

So today, after many years
I decide what I must do
To answer the call to the note
To listen whole heartenedly to you.

This celebrates 6 May 2006

Wrote this a while ago - and found it again today.

Hope you enjoy it. I did

I have also updated the templates on the main website at, to a purple flower design. Hope it brings you inspiration.



Marj aka Thriver said...

I love your website, especially the survivor tips--some really hands-on, useful stuff there. And I really like this poem. Sometimes it's a whisper that gets heard.

Cali said...


Wow, what a beautiful website that you have! I've been looking for positive websites for sexual abuse survivors -- yours is definitely one of them. I think that it is so important for survivors (I'm one of them) to strive for beauty anywhere you can get it as sexual abuse is anything but beautiful.

My story is somewhat similar to yours (except an older male sibling abuser) especially the part of the unsupportive mother. I too have cut ties with most of my family which leaves one a bit of an orphan.

Thanks for creating your site -- I will be visiting often.


Wanda's Wings said...

It is beautiful poem.
This is my first visit. I am amazed by how many others have been sexual abused as a child. Sometimes you think you were the only one until you reach out. I'm glad I'm not alone.