Thursday, February 16, 2012


You can't chase the sun

You cant chase the sun
If you are the moon
You cannot run forward
The earth is too soon

For their stands beneath
This unwritten law
Not sure what it is
But it knows the score

And the moon circles around
Its dark side all lost
We see it again
Not paying the costs

And there is the earth
It is attracted to
But it cannot follow the sun
It circles like you

And what can it do
Apart from going on
Effecting the earth
Its tide ever so strong

And some planets have more
Than this little moon
Nothing remarkable
Its getting dark soon

And just when its all
Going so bad
The moon raises it head
And its really not sad

For looking down,
It sees the telescopes
Earths occupants stare
At the moons lovely slopes

And so you see
The man on the moon
Everyone can feel the sun
But looks at you always soon

A stepping stone
The moon rotates
We are all here
In its funny shapes

Its battered and buried
Taking all of the fear
And disappears quick
As the sun comes so near

So when you realise
While the sun is so harsh
The moon has been there
And taken the comets; protecting at last

A horse

A horse

Lets find a place
Where the horses do go
To carry their load
Walking to a fro

And here is one
Saying his peace
Wandering what to do
Waiting at least

And he has carried his load
Too much before
His masters all lost
He's paid the in the law

Making plans for the future
When the past was dead
Wanting to move forward
Moving ahead

He has moved onto pastures
Seeing the green
Passing over his losses
He's stopped being so mean

And there in the distance
The horse will play
For its another sun rise
On this summers day.

Fright Lost

Violins play
Piano notes
I cannot go on
With this sudden pain
The past is history
Moving on
Its gone on too much
I can never stay here
Lost, alone
Again and again
Even though I wish I could stay
I am gone
Hands up
I am alone
Years gone
Forward again
Past is past
Forgetting the pain
Packing my bags
Writing my notes
The saddness will go
The tears will disappear
And finally fright lost
Someone else will appear.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Too late for dirt

The ocean creeps up on the door,
A tear drop falls, near the floor
A little girl crying, a flood of life
Her day a mess, her heart a stife

And she clings to the little dolly
And sucks again on her winter lolly
Seeing in the distance a man of worth
Buried, lying solidly in the earth

And in the mornings she wakes with nightmares
Of thoughts, of hate, of all her hidden scares
And as she sits and shakes, and the symbols play
Its yet another life, yet another frightful day

And all these men, all the same
Playing some type of weird game
She clings to her dolly, once more here
Not knowing when she will be safe, ever near

And she walks into the ocean, dolly in hand
Leaving her life behind, a little hair strand
And no one will ever know how much it all hurt
For her daddy treated her like dirt.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Melbourne, Australia Art Event

sexual abuse pain creativity well being

no longer watching

from behind the curtain

beautiful mosaics created by women

exploring creativity transformation beauty

31 January- 28 February 2012

Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

210 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000


Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Gallery

8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday

P: (03) 8668 8100



SECASA provides a range of services to support people affected by

sexual abuse. Amongst these are creative workshops for women.