Thursday, April 21, 2011


Girl with flower
The park
Green fields of grass
To the tower
Of stairs
Looking up
The tall building
In the clouds
Step by step
She climbs
Around and around
Taking your hand
"Here it is"
She says
To you
And as you look in wonder
You turn
as you both reach the top
Surrounded in wonder
And she reaches out
And gives you a flower
Hand in hand
Gazing out
Over the river
Joined by the crisscross
Of dna and a hug

Little Girl Running

Running silently from the classroom
Little girl crying with sudden tears
A quiet little sentence
In amongst the bullies fears

He passed it to me slowly
I was a little blonde girl all of eight
Swinging on my chair in the teachers room
As she did the sums and spellings all of late

And he looked at me so solemnly
The quiet boy in the room
I had been watching him for a while
But really had not noticed him so soon

And in this little note was how
He was living here of late
Of how this person was visiting him
And doing things of horror and hate

And as I read and read
Of what this note contained
I realised why this boy was silent
The horror deeply ingrained

And swinging back on my chair
More horror yet to come
A slow tear began to trickle
And I got up from my seat and began to run

The other side of the playground
And there I began to shake and cry
The sheer horror the boy had gone through
The silence was all he could but try

And there is nothing I can really tell you
Apart from I went home from school early that day
And in the night time darkness,
My little teddy bear comforted me all the way