Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Blue clouds

Writing in the sky

A small room

You walk in


The door is closed

You really don’t know what

Is really the fuss

You see his face

Its bad news

He asks you to sit

Your mind screams

He has something in his hands

This can’t be good

What you have gone through

Is telling you how bad it is

And you cry

You get up

And run

And run

And run

How can your own

Body betray you

Why does it have to happen

To me

And I collapse to the


And Cry


There is no escape

No escape

Just no escape

And you pick yourself

Up and continue

With the screaming in your head

The constant screaming

It becomes silence it is so loud

You pause

You cry more

You pause

And the screaming comes back

They give you a million things

To do

But the screaming is there….


You know

There is no cure

Fast Asleep

The song beats

Drum kit comes in

Some words

A chorus


Unknown things

Drifting you back

In time

A knot in your stomach

As the music


Of how the artist


Some words


But the chorus

Sings out

At you

That switch

That collects you

The beat that

Seems to call out your name

You turn it up


Because it says

Exactly how you feel

Their struggle becomes


And the drift of the music

The quietness

Says exactly

What you wish you


They capture it

Just for you

To listen, in the car

The house

Your mind

That jingle


In a moment to song stops

And you go forward

Knowing that song

Will always be there

I'm Wide Awake

Dim Light Fading

In a line

They choose you

And you feel so wonderful

Alone in your glory

Staring up at the stars

In the sky – thank you God

You say

But then as the line gets shorter

You sit there

And realise

That no one is left

And there is only you waiting

For a blackened tree

And the dim light fading

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Girl and her Ice cube

The little girl
Near the sun
With its rays
Striking out
Holds in her hand
An icecube
And looks at it
It will melt the sun
And you sit there
And look at the little girl
In all her futility
Hope against hope
That that little icecube
Will actually make a difference
To the suns shining rays
Laughing at her
I mean hysterical laughter at her
"Its crazy" you say to her
That won't work at all
It will fry before it even gets there
The sun is so hot, it will just
Turn to steam
"Don't throw it" "You can't really think that will work"
"No way in the world will that work"
And another hysterical laugh bellows from your mouth
Alone the little girl stands in her belief, the taunts she takes
And so reaching back
She throws it
And it lands near your feet
And seeing it you realise
What the little girl is saying

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Surviving – the After Effects of Sexual Abuse

Online exhibition and presentation.

“Surviving – the After Effects of Sexual Abuse”, at , is a permanent online art exhibition on surviving and healing from sexual abuse and sexual assault.  The presentation identifies the emotional, psychological, and behaviour difficulties of survivors; and consists of forty mixed media Mandela-shaped images, which is divided into six stages: Minimize, Silence, Respond, Destruct, Relate, and Heal.

The art show aims to: encourage a greater number of persons to embark on a healing process; compliment survivors’ therapeutic process; support facilities which provide services for survivors of abuse and assault; and contribute to an open dialogue to help solve the problems surrounding it.

Thank you for your interest in the exhibition; I hope you find the project beneficial to your own, your family, and your partner’s healing process.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lost Red Clouds

A little boy stands solidly against the white wall

Telling you, what is wrong

Making mistakes, you remind him

Of what is correct

His leg moves about

He forgets things

Does he know what is coming

Does he know the pain you just went through

Does he understand the anguish

In getting to where he was?

He did not know

Is he blaming me?

A little girl sits on the bed

Going through the same stuff as always

And after all the reading

And all the people

He sits there and dumbfounded

Does not know

He had just done something

Standing there

Watching the tears

For there

Is no answers, no understanding

Just lost red clouds in the sky

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Alexias Morris

Poem Instruction:
Alexias Morris - You're worst person in the world.
Said like you dread.
Alexiaaaaaaas Morrrrrrris (thump your hand - Its Alexias Morris you are writing about)

Alexias Morris Poem

She was but a fragment of mind
Helped me get out of a bind
It was not really what she said
By how I took there and hid
She was
Alexias Morris Yes, Alexias Morris

Played a scrabble moonlight
Ever feeling so tight
Her voice was so high pitched
She was but a miss
She was
Alexias Morris

You wanted to watch
However it seemed to be squashed
Wanting to count
But forever she mounts
She was
Alexias Morris

You had such a test
It seemed like a mess
You wondered what's best
She was like the rest
She was
Alexias Morris

And when you were so upset
She gave not a rest
She was just not there
She would not but care
She was
Alexias Morris

You wondered if you
Were feeling so blue
Were you turned back the front
Not caring; it was just her stunt
She was
Alexias Morris

And out of a dream
Came this poem so mean
You wish you could count
1234 It was but a doubt
She was
Alexias Morris

I know I've been mean
Making her scream
Turning her inside and out
Making her shout
She was
Alexias Morris

So when you see her devine
She keeps on your mind
Back the front to your own
Just remember this poem
You've met
Alexias Morris

And she might be your clone.

Alexias Morris
Alexias Morris

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


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