Monday, May 29, 2006



There was a whisper in heaven
When we met those months ago
The whisper spread across the land
So that others could finally know

The whisper slowly drifted through
The distance and the years
It filled my loneliness in this world
It covered my fear and tears

A simple word, a timeless note
Waiting patiently for a reply
And all just so I would know
That you were there standing by

I do not know who to thank
When I heard the whisper cried
All I know is not to question
That you will be by my side

So today, after many years
I decide what I must do
To answer the call to the note
To listen whole heartenedly to you.

This celebrates 6 May 2006

Wrote this a while ago - and found it again today.

Hope you enjoy it. I did

I have also updated the templates on the main website at, to a purple flower design. Hope it brings you inspiration.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its arrived

After much time waiting, my artwork has arrived!!!.

I am thrilled with the final results, I did not know it would turn out as well as it did. I am glad I chose the interior decorator I did. It is very much readable and very bright.

Time to think about sending it now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Finding a Friend

Finding a friend

What happens if you have been waiting for years
And the thing that you hope for; just appears
If you wonder why you were so blind
And it makes you just want to mountain climb

It is not winning the lotto, not finding lost gold
Not beating a marathon, its just being very bold
It called for courage and strength within
To trust a person you now call a friend

Friday, May 05, 2006

For this the tears do spill

A sat on the counch,
Next to the phone
Beneath the lights
Mum and me alone

It had taken a while
To find the courage beneath
To understand the turmoil
To become covered in grief

I kept the secret silent
I had held off for many years
The thought; the terror; the anguish
The nights; the horror; the fears

And so I decided on the day
To tell what lay so hidden
To let her know what I had to say
To tell her what was so forbidden

Mum, I said in my quietest voice
Dad is touching me all the time
She looked at me without a blink
A look that should have shown a crime

She turned to me and said
"Is there something you want me to do?"
And to this, I had no reply
So I just said "No"; quiet ensues

And then there was a silence
I heard it for many years
It filled my life with horror
I cried a life of tears

I had taken the courage to tell her
The silence is deafening still
For why did she not help me
For this the tears do spill.

May 2006

It took me years to recover and to seek therapy. My mother could have started this process earlier. I moved out not long after this incident. I do not know her reasonings behind her silence. For three of her daughters had been abused and still she was silent when her granddaughters visited......... I no longer visit. The unfortunate thing is that the months before this incident, we had grown closer, and I trusted her more.