Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Did you see it flutter
Did you see it fly
That little floating plant
Like a dandoline cry

And as it drifted
And landed all around
Did you see the next one
Touch the ground

And then another
And another still
Until it covers your body
All at will
The lovely plants
Attracted to your body's delight
Because they know
You are a messiah of might
And then in a whisper
I forget my pain
I notice the dandolines
Around you again
And I put down my anger
And I put down my rage
For together I know
We are on the same page
So come bond with me
Come and understand life
Surrounded by such loveliness
Forgetting our strife
Come fly with me
Come see the sights
I will show you everything
Including my life
Inspired by the movie.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sweet Revenge

I saw the hospital in the distance
Parking the car behind
As the sun shone
Through the summer days

And I walked through the doors
The lifts on the right I rode
Them to the upper floors
As I had been summoned

This sickness of a man
Summoned me to his beside
And there he sat
Shrivelled, old man on his bed

And just before his dying day, and his last breath
Just before he was to meet his maker,
Whomever that may be,
I pushed aside the hospital curtain

Please forgive me he said
And I had flashbacks of my child hood
Extremeness of the inhumanity
The thoughts of how many children

That this peodophile had terrorised
Day in day out, they lived in fear
And I knew what I had to say
I knew that I could not lie

And from somewhere deep within me it started
And from somewhere it came
The howl of a soul, many souls injured
The screaming so that the hospital staff would hear

And it lasted about 20 mins
Until the nurses took me away
The drs would need to sedate him
And all the nursing staff knew

Know that he was forever not at peace
Know I knew he would reside
That hell would be his salvation
And I walked out of the hospital with pride