Saturday, September 29, 2012


He wanders through the market
Shirt untucked
Red basket, choosing
Fruit and vegetables
Does he know I watch
Him and slowly write
A poem in my mind
Catching this precise
Where he looks at me
And then turns away
The memory forgotten
In the depths of his life

Saturday, September 22, 2012

To Write in the Sun

To Write in the Sun

The mouse runs
Darts this and that
To the darkness
Behind the tv

It smells the bait
The cheese there
It darts back
Eyeing it far away

                It inches tiptoeing
                Touch the wood
               With the edge
               Of its whiskers

               The metal bars
               Come down
               The other mice scream
               Left alone

Others walk
See the mouse twitch
Ignore the calls

The pain it endures
No one
Misery from God
Taking its last breath

          The bar rusted
          Fails in spring
          The mouse turns
          And knaws at the wood

                                 Other mice visit
                                 The trap sprung
                                 The animal wanders off
                                 To write in the sun

I told

The sun flashed
Across the fern
It is the same sun
I saw with it there


Mixtures fly everywhere
A wisp of brightness
Fear, dwelling
A butterfly captured


Listening to others
It is lost
The walking stick falls
I am but elsewhere


Disappointed in the salt
There is no strength
To just say your mind
And I left in silence

Horror -- Me

It was two months
That I felt of it
Just two months
And I had to leave
For a break, peace -- freedom

Why did I not see it before
In the length of my life
Should I have doubted
The loss, horrid -- dreaming

The trap, the horror, torture
That she endured
So long ago now but a mystery
How did she, survive -- live

And now escaped from the misery
A skeleton, raked leaves, dead trees
I turn and remember
What did he do, horror -- me

Emily's Room

Let me walk in
And sit for a while
I know it will bother you
Can I offer a smile
Can I tell you here
Within these walls
Can I take away your nervousness
Can I talk away your falls
And there in your bun
And there in your dress
Can I tell you in the future
You will become impressed
Can I sit by your feet and
Widdle away the hours
Can I sit here and listen
As you write with your powers
And finally will you let me
Just understand your pain
Stay for a while
With nothing to gain
And then when I close the door
And leave your little room
Can you tell me your secret
Of encountering this doom
For you've impressed
This lady of two
With just your wisdom
And the soul within you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In desperation there is love

In desperation there is love

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Would I lose this poem?

The light is bright above me
And the mirror cast in black
Unsure of where I am
Unsure of what I lack

I have been transported
Back to that day of change
The instant before my life
Became so rearranged

And if I just change this scene
Just this moment before
All my what if's are gone
Never to be known any more

Would I walk through that door
And sit down as I eat
Would I continue along
This sure and steady beat

Or would I let it take me
And wake up those again
Would I dismiss the people
That I made here now as friends?

Would I forsake this poem
For that was learnt to
Would I forget how to cope
And learn to say no to you?

For this is what I have learnt
From walking through that door
In overcoming that nightmare
That will live for me anymore

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quiet of the Room

From the quiet of the room
She writes
A little girl in pigtales
With all her might
She is scribbling in her diary
All her dreams
She is missing out all her screams
She is protecting those with
No words
And hiding under the covers
Quite disturbed
And quietly with her pen
She writes
Its all there, as she fights
Some extra horror that she
Her tears have come to blows
She has written for hours
And no one knows
Just horror stories
That no one sees
Her tear drops as you please
But when she goes to
Hand it on
All she says is
Who cares anyway
No one will respond

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Little Girl Remembers

The little girl lays there
Not saying a word
There is a quiet hush
She is becoming disturbed
Her mouth wants to scream
And her feet want to run
But she just stays there
Hating this fun
There is a man to the right
Standing up tall
Her mind there sitting
It is about to fall
And there in front of her
She sees a circle or two
And her mind just blank
And she has a deep breath anew
She is but young
Living in this monsters world
There to the right
The memory is becoming unfurled
And how does she cope
With this monsters awful stare
She just says "Forget it"
And the memory returns to its lair

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Seasons Change

Through the winter rain
The lone leaf stood strongly still
Until the spring time

When the flowers rose
The willows made friends with birds
And the sky lit up

To tell you in soft
Reaches that life is but change
Winds it's memory