Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Mulberry Tree

A distant landscape, a little girl cries
A soft tear drop, land of lullabies
And here she ventures, black hair in light
A cusped teddy bear, mulberry tree of might

She ventures tiptoeing; down the lane
A tunnel of forest, hurry back again
Her backpack, sturdy yellow of gold
The teddy bear her companion, tucked in her fold

And silently she graces, trees whisper to her
Tucked safe and sound, she touches his fur
And as she nears, that mulberry tree in the field
She walks up to it, a smile she does yield

And there she sits, beside the tree,
I cannot go back, because here is me
And she sits, there by its side
The darkness descends, sun showing its tide

And what if love were the mulberry tree
The little girl sits there, at its knee
And recounts her story, silence forever gone
She lets go of anger, lets go of scorn

A moment of peace; a moment of distant grace
A silent smile, comes to her face
And she returns to life; mulberry tree left behind
Her memory reminds her; love is a find.

Written for and inspired by Haullie Free - for the pictures of the tree.

I ran away to an area trying to escape......but had to return to the abuse... this poem recounts this time