Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My last thought

Alone in that room, and moments before
I was happy and contented; I knew the score
And how did you know; what was that fear
When this horror visited me; life not so near

Living this life is so distant; watching near me
My eye of a child; life not to be
The feel of the carpet; an innocent time
Being prepared for secretly; his thoughts of a crime

A turn of a dice; the notice of the game
I cannot understand; I cannot name
And who I was gone; and who will be here
That breath so disgusting; smelling and so near

And years later I recall; questioned so still
My heart is open; my thoughts are my will
I remember back; trying to get my last word
My last thought being normal; being overheard

And in those seconds before; lost to this world
What did I remember; my thoughts so unfurled
For my last thoughts as a person; my distant memory be
I remember how I thought; he must have loved me