Saturday, February 02, 2013

Who I am -- is not for your amusement

I am not your amusement child, for when you are stressed or weary of the world
I do not look sexy or cute, do not entice anything out of me, with your sexual connotations

I am but a child, sitting there watching tv
Learning about the world, all of such eight, staring out the window

Not yet grown, not understanding that there is evil out there
And evil there laying on the couch -- watching me -- waiting, planning

For when the house is empty, ready to pray on me
Decisive, practiced, many a girl before me, and many after me

So I wonder, what went through in your mind, when you decided to violate my body
When you decided, what my life should be.

     Was it that you were stressed, like you told me so many years later, when I grew up
     Or was it just that you were a man -- weak, useless and cruel

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